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Critique by Deborah-Valentine Deborah-Valentine/critique/181928891">Nov 19, 2009, 3:54:46 PM
The elements you have chosen give an excellent sense of vertigo and a feeling of disorientation.

Colored rocks line a pathway toward the other possible physical surfaces to explore. Leading the viewer to investigate is a great way to convey your intent.

The other-worldliness of this piece is fantastic in the strict definition of the word, meaning that you have created a fantasy all your own. Stones seem to rise from the earth-like planet, on their way upward in orientation to the planet, however in contrast, the butterflies are on their own with no real direction, in keeping with the frivolity and whimsy of butterflies next to the violet splash.

The color of the sky, the narrow focus on its curvature, leads me to feel that the scene is a part of something greater, and the atmosphere is contained around the planets.

I have always loves your painting and wish I had the time to spend doing more of my own art.
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